Our web calendar system allows us to display all events in the central University Calendar, while also showing filtered feeds for a specific topic or purpose. For example, events related to the Department of Biology might display in a filtered feed on the Department of Biology website.

If you submit an event and it does not appear, it's most likely for one of two reasons:
  1. your event is pending approval, or
  2. your event doesn't use the appropriate filters.

Event Approvals

If you submitted an event, but it doesn't display on the University Calendar, the event is pending approval. When an event is submitted into our web calendar system, it is routed to our Media & PR team for review before publication. You may contact news@umw.edu to inquire about the status of an event approval.

Using Filters

If your event appears on the University Calendar, but does not appear on an additional filtered calendar feed somewhere else on the website, then the appropriate filter was not selected when the event was submitted.

There are six filters available for use in feeding events to calendars on various areas of the website:
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Venues
  • For (Audience)
  • Organizations & Departments
  • Arts & Entertainment
screenshot showing the six filter types on the event submission form

If a filtered calendar feed has been created for your website, we'll notify you of the name of the filter that must be used for events to display on that particular feed. For example, we might prompt you to select "Biology" in the "Organizations & Departments" field in order to have your event appear on the Department of Biology website.

The filters must be used correctly with each individual event submission for that event to display in a given feed.

Once submitted, all events are reviewed by the Media & PR team for publication on the University Calendar. However, it is the event submitter's responsibility to select the appropriate filter and check that the event displays on the appropriate feed.

If you need to add a filter after you've submitted your event, please contact news@umw.edu and they will respond as soon as they are able.