One of the first questions people often have is how to get their on-campus location to show up using the Google Maps integration. Generally, the answer is to use the building name followed by "Fredericksburg, Va." This is information Google Maps recognizes and is able to associate with our campus.

For example: Klein Theatre is in duPont Hall, Fredericksburg, Va. "Klein Theatre" doesn't work on it's own, and it doesn't work with "in duPont Hall, University of Mary Washington." All you get with that result is a placemark dropped in the middle of campus. "duPont Hall, Fredericksburg, Va" works perfectly. You can include this information in the "location" field for your event, and provide further instruction, such as Klein Theatre or duPont Gallery in the event details.

See for yourself:

Rule of thumb: If you go to Google Maps to search for it and there's no problem with the way it comes up, you're probably ok.

Why does location matter?

The calendar can provide direct Google Maps directions for users, including those on their smart phones using GPS. They can get turn by turn directions to your event with the tap of a finger. That's pretty handy!

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