The page order box inside the page edit screen.
By default, pages in WordPress are ordered alphabetically within their parent/child relationships. The easiest way to choose a different page order is to manually establish the appropriate order in the “Page Attributes” block, or by using the “Quick Edit” option in the Pages menu. You can manually order your pages by assigning numerical placements inside the “order” box. For instance, the first item you want on your menu should be 1, the second should be 2, etc. It is highly recommended that you leave room to adjust and/or add pages as you go. We suggest choosing 4-digit numbers instead of single digits, as there’s plenty of room to grow and rearrange.

Example page order assignments using 4-digit numbers:

  • (0) Accessibility
  • (1111) Web Branding Guidelines
  • (2222) Managing Your Site
    • (1111) Site Content
    • (2222) WordPress Dashboard
    • (3333) Posts & Pages
      • (1111) Pages
      • (2222) Posts
  • (3333) Siteimprove
  • (4444) Web Advisory Council
  • (5555) Internships Available
  • (6666) Contact Us
In this example, if you needed to insert a page between Site Content and WordPress Dashboard, you could set the parent to Managing Your Site and the page order to 1500.