Carousels, also called slideshows, rotators, and sliders, are a way to display multiple pieces of content in a given space on a website. The value of these displays is hotly debated, and says that while they’re shown not to be particularly effective for user engagement, there are ways to add value.


To provide a most consistent and positive user experience, the following standards shall be applied throughout

  1. Carousels must tell a story to a specific audience. For example, the UMW homepage carousel tells prospective students our Great Minds success stories. It paints a picture of successful outcomes.
  2. All carousel panels should be associated with and linked to relevant site content. Imagery should enhance understanding of and compel navigation to the destination content. Carousels that are meant to be display-only image slideshows are not best practice and do not meet accessibility requirements.
  3. Carousel images must be high quality. This applies to not only resolution, but also content and composition.Professional photography is preferred.
    1. File size must be minimized as much as quality permits. Web images should be 72dpi.
  4. Carousel images must be appropriately sized for the carousel dimensions. Changes to the dimensions of the carousel should be addressed by resizing images to fit.

Adding a Carousel to Your Site

Please contact Digital Communications to discuss your carousel plans.